Paris was the largest city and capital of the country France.[1]


The wizarding hat-maker Madame Bonhabille was based in Paris in the late 19th century.[2] Headmistress Eupraxia Mole commissioned her to make a bespoke hat for Peeves, the resident poltergeist of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, as a conciliatory gesture in the wake of then-Minister for Magic Rancorous Carpe's attempt to get rid of him.[2]

In the 6 December 1926 issue of The New York Ghost, it was reported that an international manhunt for Gellert Grindelwald was underway in several cities, including Paris.[3]


Vernon and Petunia Dursley took a holiday to Paris at some point.[4]

The Which Witch? fashion show took place in Paris in early 1992.[5] It was attended by London clothier Madam Malkin, who closed down her shop while she was away.[5]

Gladrags Wizardwear had a shop in Paris by 1994.[6] Madam Borboleta Candies Ltd. also had an office in the city by this period.[7]

The Daily Prophet once reported in its section on international weather that it would be 21° in Paris.[8]

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